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Pinholder to hold flowers in place in shallow containers. There are many sizes available and the type of arrangement you are making will determine the size and style of kenzan you will need. It is best to build a collection of kenzans and be sure that the bases are made of heavy lead so that they are able to hold branches. No artificial means of holding the kenzan in place; i.e. tape or glue, can be used.
Containers play an important role in Ikebana and are chosen according to the season. Bamboo baskets are used during the warm months from April through October. Light colored or bleached bamboobaskets are used in spring and summer; dark baskets are used for fall and winter arrangements. Metal containers are recommended for winter, pottery ones for spring and autumn.
Ikebana scissors do not have springs which allow for ease in cutting materials without straining your hands and arms.
Ikebana KnifeKnife—
Sharp knife for trimming thick branches and splitting wood stems.