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Ikenobo Arrangement

There are hundreds of schools of Ikebana in Japan. The Ohara school is one of the more popular ones. It is said that the Ohara School was the first to standardize the curriculum for teaching Ikebana and made it available throughout the world.

The Ohara School is one of the the three leading schools of Ikebana in Japan which began in the Meiji Period (1867-1912) founded by Ushin Ohara. The Ikenobo School was very rigid and formal. Also flowers from other parts of the world were now available in Japan. He designed a flat tray called suiban to place flower arrangements in. He created the Moribana style of flower arrangement using flowers from other regions which shocked the classical teachers of his time. Since then, the Moribana has become the main trend of Ikebana.

Other innovations of this school are: using step-by-step illustrations to explain the method of arrangement; using a lecture-demonstration system for large groups.